November 6, 2017
Ableton Live

nanoSEND a remote script for Live

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I am sharing this script I have been using for a while nothing fancy to be honest but very effective for my workflow. The concept is simple,  record send A and B automations in any track you need in your project. You can navigate the session overview to select the tracks you are going to automate something similar to the navigation system of APC40 or Launchpad. I also added common functions like Play, Stop, Record, Session Record Button so you do not need to use your cursor and waste time clicking. Finally I did not forget about Tap Tempo, Undo and Redo that are very useful in my opinion.

To download the script go to: you will find the instructions for the installation inside the folder.

I would like to thanks st4rchild and Hanz Petrov who shared their knowledge about remote scripts.

Final note: I only tried this remote script in Ableton Live 9.7+

Enjoy it!

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