My journey with music took off since I was little when I started making mixtapes with my radio and cassettes, later on, I took music classes in school which drove my attention to learn more about it. I began to play cuatro, then recorder, and after guitars where I experimented playing with effects which made me aware of sampling technics. Subsequently, I did my first electronic track.

Fascinated by the feeling of expressing myself through music using technology I began to navigate through different music genres while I was DJing, craving new sounds, and approaches to music production until I met minimal music, it got me instantly.

Right now I am currently working with Cisne Negro, Quanticman Records, and Galanding; labels from Chile, Romania, and Spain delivering my experiences and thoughts to the conscious listeners who crave sophisticated and interesting music that resonate their soul.

UKB Guest Mix #45 - Isaac Elejalde [UKB045]


Recorded for Urban Kultur Blog podcast series from Edinburgh, Scotland while I was in Berlin developing ideas and searching for new sounds to bring you a fresh storytelling for your ears.
Tales I Thoughts Scattering