ISAAC ELEJALDE IS NOW BASED IN SANTIAGO, CHILE AFTER YEARS DEVELOPING HIS OWN SOUNDS AND CURATING HIS COLLECTION FROM AMERICA TO EUROPE. Currently working with Quanticman Records, Cisne Negro and Galanding; labels from Romania, Chile and Spain, producing music for conscious listeners who crave to listen to sophisticated and interesting sounds that resonates their soul.

This journey took off in 2012 after he was fascinated about the feeling of translating his own ideas into the real world developing music using technology and navigating through different music genres until he found himself confortable in minimal music which made him understand that music has no boundaries, giving him the freedom to express his experiences and thoughts.

UKB Guest Mix #45 - Isaac Elejalde [UKB045]


Recorded for Urban Kultur Blog podcast series from Edinburgh, Scotland while I was in Berlin developing ideas and searching for new sounds to bring you a fresh storytelling for your ears.
Tales I Thoughts Scattering