Are you looking for someone that helps you out making your track shine?

Well, great news! You are in the right place because I offer Mixing and Mastering for your tracks to have them ready for your releases.

Which one do you need?


Mixing consist of treating all the elements of a track individually to get the greater result of each section to make one final track with a coherent balance. Think of mixing as putting a puzzle together.

This step is crucial to glue the layers of a song to make them become a total, a single stereo wave.


Your track is a pasta salad. You already choose and buy carefully all the ingredients and I help you cook the pasta, chop off the vegetables and mix them all together.


Mastering is the process of preparing an audio mix for its distribution. It is the final step on which a track gains body, presence and definition. Think of it as adding sparkle and shine to your music.

Here is when a well mixed track becomes a single, coherent masterpiece.

  • USD15
  • Mastering
    • Get your tracks mastered for vinyl or digital release
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  • USD35
  • Mixing + Mastering
    • Make your track shine with a coherent balance (up to 12 stems)
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  • USD50
  • Mixing + mastering
    • Make your track shine with a coherent balance (unlimited stems)
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  • USD0
  • Feedback
    • Receive a constructive feedback about your track
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What is the turnaround time?

It is usually between 3 to 6 working days depending on the project. I will send you the premaster and the master in WAV 16BIT and MP3 320kbps file once the project is done.

If you ever need your tracks by a certain date, let me know in advance to do my best to help you have it on time or let you know in case it’s not possible.

How to prepare for the service?


You have to bounce the stems separately or in groups but always separate the kick, bass, sub and sends/returns in different stems and finally bounce the premaster as well.


If your track is already well mixed and you are looking for the final touch you have to bounce the premaster of your track with a headroom of -6db so I can do my magic to it.


You need to bounce WAV/AIFF files of 24BITS/44.1KHz.

Keep every process you have applied to your stems ON (EQ, compression, FX, etc.) and your master bus clear of any process.

Leave the maximum peak at -6dB and check that there is no clipping anywhere.

Already done with the bouncing process?

Then you only need to drop all your files in a blank project to listen to them and check that everything is correct. After that, name all your files by its content, pack them all in a ZIP or RAR file and send it over to [email protected] using WeTransfer, Dropbox or any similar platform.


When sending the files to my e-mail introduce yourself and let me know what service you want to hire for your tracks. It would be great to know you better!

You should add a reference track made by yourself or another artist or just write some notes in the email to help me to understand better what you’re looking for and what you like.

All Sales are final.

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